NEWS 2013

Tonk (Rajasthan)

At the Inauguration of the Training Programme was inagurated by the local MLA Bro. Ajit Singh Mehtai. Project Director of ATMA Bro. Rajendra Khandelwal, BK Sushma, BK Chandrakala, BK Geeta, BK Sumanth addressed the Training Programme. A following field visit was also arranged at the model farm near Tonk. 700 people reached for the field visit.

Bangalore (Karnataka)

. A Field visit programme was organised at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Farm located at Doddaballapur village. This program was addressed by BK Padma, Assistant Director of Horticulture Sis. Lakshmi Raju along with other officials of the Horticulture Department. About 100 farmers took part in this programme. 20 Brahma Kumari surrendered sisters took lot of inspirations from this field visit. This programme was followed by the visit of GKVK Scientists..

Meeraj (Maharastra)

After the Awareness Programme on Sustainable Yogic Farming a group photo with Dy. Chairperson of Panchayat Samiti Sis. Meena Solanki, BK Nivedita, BK Hema and BK Balasaheb with other officials.


As a part of All India Rural Women Empowerment and Sustainable Yogic Agriculture programme Campaignheld at Swaroopnagar. Former Corporator Bro. Surendra Khare, Bro. Rajesh Yadav, reputed social worker Bro. Rajesh Yadav, BK Sharda and BK Rajkumari addressed this programme. Hundreds of Farmers benefited by this programme. BK Shubra co-ordinated this Programme.


At grand launching programme of the All India Rural Women Empowerment campaign held at Jaitpur in New Delhi. This campaign started from Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). Bro. K.B. Barut from CISF inaugurated this campaign. BK Usha, BK Rajendra, BK Rachna with others heading the campaign.


A Photo of the All India Rural Women Empowerment Campaign held at Delhi. This programme was addressed by BK Rajkumari of Majlis Park along with eminent personalities. About 100 villagers took part in this programme.


Sis. Vaishali presenting a Momento of the Golden world to the MLA Bro. Dr. Sujit Minechkar at the programme on Clean and Golden Rural India Programme. BK Balasaheb addressed this programme. 80 people involving sarpanch and the local authorities were benefited by this campaign.


Addressing a training Programme held on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture is BK Balasaheb. District Agricultural Officer Bro. O.P. Mishra, BK Rajendra, BK Kusum and BK Rampal. More than 300 Farmer are benefited by this training programme.


A grand Inaugural Programme on All India Rural Women Empowerment Campaign held at ORC. Director of Om Shanti Retreat Center BK Asha along with additional secretary of Brahma Kumaris BK Brij Mohan, Bro. Manoj Khatri, BK Jaiprakash, BK Rajbahen, BK Rajendra, BK Satvir, BK Rachna along with the other participants of the campaign.

Mount Abu

On extensive briefing about services of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing to the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Bro. Sarvey Satyanarayana literature of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing was submitted by B.K. Sashikant and B.K. Sumanth.

Lucknow (UP)

Inauguration of the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture and Rural Women Empowerment Campaign in Uttarpradesh are Director of Agriculture- Uttar Pradesh Bro.Dr. D.M. Singh, President officers association Bro. Dr. S.K. Singh, National Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing Sis. BK Sarla, Sis. BK Radha, Sis. BK Saroj and Bro. BK Badri are seen in the photo.


At Inauguration of Akhil Gujarat Adivasi Jagruti Abhiyaan at by Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Hon Minister, Rural Development, Gujarat, Others in picture: BK Ratanmohini Dadiji, Joint Administrator, Brahmakumaris, Dr Prabhaben Taviad, Member of Parliament, Dahod(Guj), BK Sarla Didiji, Administrator, Gujarat Zone, Brahmakumaris, BK Sarla didi , National Coordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Brahmakumaris & Subzone Incharge, Mehsana, BK Dr. Niranjana didi, Sub Zone Incharge, Brahmakumaris, Vadodara, BK Rajubhaiji, HQ Coordinator, Rural Devp Wing, Mt Abu, BK Surekha, Subzone Incharge, Brahmakumaris, Godhra, BK Kapila, Brahmakumaris Dahod and Mahamandleshwar Sevanand, Kachhla Ashram, Limkheda, Dahod.

The Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Brahmakumaris have launched an initiative called RURAL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT. This project is aimed at empowering rural women through various programmes across the country. During the empowerment programme, awakening programmes for rural women on Sustainable Yogic Farming for Livelihood Generation, Improved seeds and agriculture practices, De-addiction, Health & Hygiene, Education, Cleanliness, Participation in Village Development, Value Based Life Style, Rights and Duties, etc will be undertaken.

As a part of this project, “Akhil Gujarat Adivasi Jagruti Abhiyan” is being launched on 16 October 2013 from Dahod (Gujarat). This will include 3 vehicle rally each for 10 days with 12 expert divine speakers and will cover Tribal area 13 districts, about 44 Talukas / Blocks and many Tribal Pockets and Clusters across Gujarat State. This particular initiative has been well received by Government and Non Government Departments and the Hon. Tribal Welfare Minister of Gujarat and Hon. Agriculture and Rural Development Minister of Gujarat have agreed to remain present in the inaugural function on 16 th October 2013 at Dahod (Gujarat). We are expecting about 10000 participation mainly Tribal women and Farmers on the day of inauguration.

The Three Rallies will be travelling in three different directions across Tribal belt of Gujarat for 10 days and with collaboration of different Local Brahmakumaris Centre and Government departments/ Panchayat / Women Federation / High schools and Colleges / NGOs / Tribal Association etc various programmes including Health camp, Cattle Health camp , Livelihood Generation through Agriculture etc will be organised.

The 3 rallies will altogether cover about 3300 Kms. Many capacity Building and Awakening Programmes will be organised for Rural Tribal Women mainly involved in Agriculture.


In a training programme to farmers and agriculture scientists at NEA Hall Bhaktapur, Kathmandu seated on the dais among others are Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development Mr. Chhabi Raj Panta, BK Raj Didi, Director of Kathmandu Nepal Zone with BK Kiran Didi and HQ. Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Raju, BK Sumanth, BK Kiran Raval, BK Mahendra Thakur and BK Tilak . BK Babamainya co-ordinated the programme.


Honorable Vice President Bro. Parmananda Jha of Nepal & Hq. coordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing Bro.BK Raju after lighting Inaugural lamp in the programme organized to inaugurate a Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Campaign in Kathmandu and to welcome Agriculture and Rural Development Wing team who are in Kathmandu Nepal Zone with various programmes training and awareness programmes targeted to agriculturists & farmers. Also in the picture are Director of Brahma Kumaris Nepal Sis.Raj Didi, Director of Nepal, Mrs. Jha, Sis. BK Kiran Raval, BK Sumanth, BK Mahendra , BK Tilak with other Brothers and Sisters. This Campaign held for 10days to cover 14 districts of Nepal.

Port Louis

Group Photo of Honourable President of Mauritius Bro. Kailash Paryag with HQ. Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Raju, National Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Sarla, BK Rajesh Dave, BK Harsha Dave, BK Ragini and BK Gaitree. HQ. Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Raju, National Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Sarla, Executive Member of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Rajesh Dave with

Group Photo of Honourable President of Mauritius Bro. Kail BK Harsha Dave on their extensive service trip to Mauritius for ten days addressed 10 programs on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project.

Awareness programs were held at AERU, Training centers, Krishi Vigyan Kendra and at different places. This project attracted lot of interest in the public and many have come forward to apply these techniques at their firm. This delegatation had a privilege to meet honorable president of Mauritius for one and half hour to explain about various developments through this project in India. Honorable president also expressed his interest to learn Rajyoga Meditation. BK Sarla tied Rakhi to the president and his wife. The delegation also met high commissioner of India at Mauritius to brief him about the project. Mauritius is a country dependent upon Agriculture thus receiving wonderful services through this project.


Group Photo after meeting with the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing's delegation with the Zonal Project Director (Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh) of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Dr. N. Sudhakar. In the photo are Bro. Karunakar Reddy is Executive Director of Smaat Aqua Technologies, BK Sunita, BK Sumanth and BK Murli. The same Group also met Dr. G.V.Ramanjaneyulu Executive Director of Center for Sustainable Agriculture.


A "Rythu Chaitanya Sadassu" a training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at kakinada to benefit 225 farmers around the area. Joint Director of Agriculture Sis. Jayamani, Project Director of Rural Development Agency, Project Director of ATMA Sis. Anjali, Organic farming specialist Bro.Gopala Krishna, BK Sumanth, BK Sunita and BK Gyan Singh addressed BK Ranjni co-ordinated this program. About 225 Farmers benefited by this program.


Addressing a Program at Sumul Dairy on Pure Milk Production is Sis.BK Geeta. Director of Sumul Dairy Bro.Jeetubhai Desai, Bro.Kamleshbhai and Sunilbhai addressed the Program. Around 60 executives of the dairy participated in this program.


Addressing the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Training held is the Joint Director of Agriculture Bro. Vijay Avte of Nagpur Division, BK Balasaheb, BK Bholenath, BK Ashok addressed this program. BK Rekha co-ordinated this program. About 150 farmers are benefited by this program.


A training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held for 150 farmers. State Co-ordinator of BK Sunita, BK Rajani, BK Sumanth, BK Gyan Singh took the training. BK Annapoorna and BK Latha co-ordinated the program.


Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) organized a one day seminar at the Conference hall of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in Old Goa. About 100 invitees were present for the event that included renowned agricultural scientists, Sr. Govt. officers and local farmers.

The programme was inaugurated by Hon'ble MLA and Chairman of Kala Academy Bro. Vishnu Wagh. Director, ICAR, Bro. N. P. Singh, KVK Project Director, Dr. Raj Narayan and Progressive Farmer Father Inacio Almeida were present on the dais at the inaugural ceremony. Shobha bahenji spoke about the importance of introducing spirituality in every sphere of our life. Balasaheb bhai was the main resource person and conducted two informative sessions. Darshana bahen also shared her experiences. Bro. Sanjeev Mayekar conducted Power Point Presentation on activities that are being carried out presently in Goan farms through ‘Shaswat Yogic Farming.' The audience was left spellbound with the statistics that were presented to them in support of this new concept implemented in various states across India.

Glorified services through Shaswat Yogic Farming' in Goa got a boost through a training programme organised which was attended by over 150 people from all over Goa. Few officials from the Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Goa as our esteemed guests. Bro. Pramod Joshi, Superintendent, Codar Farms, Old Goa, Bro. Sanjeev Mayekar, Zonal Agricultural Officer, Mapusa, Goa and Bro. Amancio Fernandes, Ex Asst. Director, Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Goa were amongst those who expressed their good wishes for the success of the project in Goa. Shobha bahenji welcomed the gathering while Darshana bahen spoke about the objectives of Yogic Farming.

Mount Abu

Addressing a Retreat on Rural Leadership and Inner Capacity Building is Bro. Pradeep Jain “Aditya” , honorable Minister of State for Rural Development, Government of India, New Delhi. He said that heralding a new golden era in the rural areas is not just possible with the economic development but it needs emphasis on social life based on unity and value based life style. He said that the corruption has not just remained to the urban areas but reached in-depth to all the corners of rural India. Even the milk and vegetables are not being left over from adulteration and toxicity. Only spirituality can get rid of all these situations. One should be moral and service minded while giving up their ego of the position and financial status. Spirituality has to be given an important place in our life so that the inner consciousness is not burdened with vices in this materialistic world.

BK Nirwair, General Secretary of Brahma Kumaris said that every person has his own positive aspects of life. For awakening such inner capacities practice of Rajyoga meditation and Spiritual Knowledge can prove very helpful. Dr. BK Nirmala, Director of Gyan Sarovar Academy for a Better World said that heralding a new golden era is possible through spiritual application with the merits of action. Bro. Niten Chandra, Special Secretary for General Administration, Government of Orissa said that the rural people are true decorators of Rural India. He commended the efforts made by Brahma Kumaris to enhancing the moral values in the rural communities.

Bro. Aditya Shastri, Vice Chancellor of Banasthali Vidyapeeth said that it is practice of ancient India , that leaders used to be created through their practical education. The values used to be delivered to the students from their Guru. They were true source of inspiration by their practical life. He emphasized on dire need of spirituality and practicality in Education for creating leadership skills in the students.

BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator said that aiming at the overall development of the villages, the villagers are to be tied in the bond of Unity along with the divine values of love, Peace and Happiness to bring a huge transformation in the Rural Living. We can promote the mammoth task of building Golden Rural India through spiritual upliftment. Efforts of Brahma Kumaris in the area of Rural Development are proving to be very fruitful.

BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing delivered welcome speech, BK Jagruti was the keynote speaker, BK Rajendra gave vote of thanks and BK Sharda well co-ordinated the stage.


Lighting the candles at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training are the Deputy Director of Agriculture Bro. Gadiya, Research Scientist Bro.Monparaji, BK Trupti, BK Manisha, BK Geeta and BK Veenu. More than 500 people are trained through this program.


A Video Presentation on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project was made by BK Denise Lawarence during the Faculty and Student Counseling Program at the Jungadh Agricultural University(JAU). Hundreds of students and Faculties took advantage of this program. Detailed discussions held on Yogic Agriculture and Value in Education. Honorable Vice Chancellor of Junagadh Agricultural University was the chief guest at this program. BK Sashikant, BK Damyanti addressed this program.


Aiming to bring a good change in the cultivation methods and to make Agriculture more beneficial in supporting the livelihood of the small and marginal farmers - a conference on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was organized at Parvatipuram. This conference was organized in collaboration with ATMA and Jattu Trust. Awareness was bought in the farmers about the successful Yogic Agriculture Project which involves practice of Meditation with organic cultivation. Addressing the Conference Bro. Reddy Subrahmnyam, Secretary of the Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh said that it is high time that farmers realize for a change in the agricultural systems. He said that, it is only possible to bring such change through the participation of the farming community. He felt the dire need of promoting organic farming and appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris for their initiative.

Bro. Veerabrahmaiah, Collector of Vizianagaram District said that the farmers are currently utilizing excessive chemicals this increases the cost of cultivation. Employing organic methods can bring down the cost of cultivation. He assured of his support to Brahma Kumaris for their campaign to bring awareness on organic farming through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project. Sis. Suravarapu Jayamani , local MLA, said that the farmers can make others life healthy by bringing a change in farming methods. She emphasized the need to change the mindset of the Farmers for such framework. Farmers can explore to change their livelihood while following healthy lifestyle by the practice of Yogic Farming. Since Sustainable Yogic Agriculture will prove beneficial to improve both the physical as well as mental health in the farmers, she urged farmers to take advantage of this farming model. BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing and BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing were felicitated for their contribution in revolutionizing Agriculture through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project. Bro. J. Venkatrao RDO; Bro. Pari Naidu of Jattu Trust, Bro. BK Sumanth, BK Rajni, BK Annapoorna, BK Sasikala , BK Shilvaleela and BK Gyanaratnam addressed this program. About 6000 farmers participated in this conference. Stalls of Ideal Village, Yogic Farming, Puppet show on farming, De-addiction camp, Plant distribution attracted attention of the public.


A Panch, Sarpanch and Farmer's Conference held at Om Shanti Sarovar, Uslapur, Bilaspur. District Collector Bro. Ram Singh Thakur, BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator) of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Deputy Director of Agriculture Bro. Chiranjeev Sarkar, Chairman District Panchayat Bro. Naresh Koushik, Professor Dr. R.B. Tiwari and Professor Dr. T.D. Pandey addressed this Program. This program was co-ordinated by Sis.BK Geeta. Approximately 350 people attend the program.


Lighting the lamps at the inauguration of De-addiction Center are MLA Korba Bro. Jaisingh Agrawal, Sindhi Samaj S.M. Bro. M D Makhija, President of Jilla Panchayat Sis. Shakuntala Kanwar, President Mamatya Prasar Samiti Sis. Indu Sharma, General Manager of Central Workshop at Steel Plant Korba Bro. K K Verma with BK Rukmani, Incharge Brahma Kumaris Center at Korba. Around 500 people attended this program.


At the inauguration of �Rural Development Seminar� are the CEO of Rourkela Steel Plant Bro. Gouri Shankar Prasad, HQ. Co-ordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Raju, District Agriculture officer Bro. Purna Chandra Sai and Rourkela Center Incharge Sis. BK Bimla. Government officials involved in Rural Development, Block Development Officer and Sarpanch of the surrounding villages attended this program. It was followed by a meeting with 50 people representing Electronic and print Media. Program included experience sharing of the farmers which was much appreciated. Both the programs had wide media to benefit the Farmers in the area.


Lighting the candles at the Gujarat Regional Meeting of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing are BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing; BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing; BK Chandrikabahen, National Co-ordinator, Youth Wing; BK Surekha, Gujarat Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing; BK Jayashree, BK Kanu, BK Bharat, BK Hasmukh with others.

Hiroshima (Japan)

At the International Sustainability Conference in Hiroshima Japan, from January 23 � 25, the BK team, including Charlie-bhai, Rajni-bhen, Mizue, Yasue and Evelyn participated. This event had representation from 46 countries.

The BK team led a poster session and a workshop on the theme of Inner Ecology: Aligning Awareness and Action for the Future We Want. Displaying posters and talking to individuals about the India One project, Yogic Agriculture and aspects of BK Lifestyle, the team was able to register around 300 participants during the poster session. Many showed great interest in the projects, especially the Yogic Agriculture.

Dadi Hridaya Mohini Chief of Brahma Kumaris
“This methodology is very essential to produce pure & pious food, fruits & vegetables for good health. My good wishes are always with the farmers following yogic agriculture methodology by experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation, preperation of Organic Manures, adopting various ancient methods of conservation of crops - which will result in achieving 100% success.”

B.K. Sarla Chairperson Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“This is a farming process based on Rajyoga Meditation, which will have its valuable contribution in the creation of the new age. I express my best wishes to all the farming community for adopting this sustainable yogic methodology.”

B.K. Raju Vice-Chairman Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“ This novel project will guide the farmer brothers & sisters all around the world & inspires them for a life style filled with total bliss & peace. It leads to imperishable prosperity by means of holistic & healthy crop production. I wish you all the success, which is your birthright.”