NEWS 2012

Rajkot (Guj.)

At the Inauguration of the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Stall in the Agritech Foundation Agricultural Fair is Jayesh Radadiya, BK Bhagwati, BK Anju and BK Kripal are seen in the photo. This fair held from 23 rd to 26 th December, 2012 at Shastri Maidan, Rajkot. More than one lakh people are benefited by this program.

Doha (Qatar)

Valeriane Bernard addressing about yogic farming at Qatar Sustainable Expo at the United Climate Change Conference COP18. A practical example of positive thinking is yogic farming, practised by a group of farmers in India, which has enabled them to �improve their produce without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides�, said Valeriane Bernard, who works with several NGOs and UN bodies. After they started to practice meditation, the farmers started seeing the world in a different light. They put the seeds they used in front of them, and also meditate on the land they were cultivating. That led to much better produce. This not only benefited the farmers economically, but also brought together farming communities that had been disintegrating due to economic difficulties. She explained about the how the farmers are benefited economically as well their improvement in the mental well being.

Abu Road (Raj.)

A conference for the representatives of the Rural Community, officials from NGO's, Government officials serving Agriculture and Rural Development, Agricultural Scientists, Progressive Farmers was hosted: A Spiritual Conference on Holistic Rural Development with 6000 delegates representing rural communities of India & Nepal. The Agriculture and Rural Development Wing (RERF) has been doing phenomenal service in transforming the lifestyle of the farming community, and bringing in a spiritual revolution while highlighting their relation with the five elements. This program has highlighted the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project.

Addressing the Conference Bro. Ajay Singh Choutala, President, Indian Table Tennis Association said that Almost 70% of our population are representing from Rural Areas . Our country is growing rapidly and this pace of development can be kept intact through consistent development of the villages. Therefore we need to pay attention to facilitate villages with the basic needs. India is an Agriculture dominant country. Until we concentrate upon the avenues of Agriculture and Rural Development country's development is not possible. Mere facilitating the villages with the modern technology can't only serve the development of villages. It is the need of the day to develop moral and spiritual values. It's time to bring awareness in the villagers alert them to live in harmony and overcome social evils. This is possible through Spiritual Revolution. He appreciated Brahma Kumaris for their contribution in fulfilling this major task.

Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Jankiji said that India is renowned to be a Golden land of the world. Lord shri Krishna also represent the rural areas. It is wonderful to see such a large gathering. Dadi is remembering days of her childhood. Dadi too had great interest in serving the rural community. It is amazing to see the extent to which the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing has done service. This is the wonder of spiritual love and cooperation. She emphasized that we need to come together to serve the Rural World for overcoming addictions, social evils and blind faiths to look forward for overall development of the villages. Villagers had to solve the differences of caste and creed with the spiritual knowledge. Developing Values in the villagers can serve in bringing harmony for establishing a Golden Rural India.

Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris Dadi Ratanmohini said that every effort has to be kept for bringing the glory of the villages in Ancient India. Incorporating spiritual Knowledge and Meditation can transform the rural living through the developed transcendental values.

Bro. Vinayak Niman, MLA from Pune said the soul of the India resides in rural areas. He emphasized the importance of physical as well as spiritual development that can bring decorum of ideal villages.

National coordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Sarla explaining the objective of the conference said that our vision is to look forward for a clean, healthy, literate and beautiful accomplished rural world. HQ. coordinator BK Raju said that the overall development is possible through the spiritual revolution especially in Agriculture. Spiritually empowered farmers can only protect this planet from environmental degradation. BK Bharat Bhushan and BK Vijaybhai and BK Jagruti also expressed their views.


Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Farmer's conference held at Kannuaj where thousands of farmers took advantage of the organic farming techniques along with awareness about relevance of Meditation in Agriculture. In the photo are BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator),Agriculture and Rural Development Wing; Sis. Saroj Pathak, Chairman, Kannuaj, Bro.A K Agarwal, CDO, Kannauj; Dr. R P Singh, C M S, Kannauj; BK Saroj Didi and Ramabahen. About 800 Farmers are benefited by this program.

Unnao (UP)

Lighting the candles at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Farmer's Conference are Minister of state for Agriculture & Charity Bro. Rajeev Kumar Singh, District president of Kisan Union Bro.Dr. S.P. Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly from Unnao Bro.Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Director of Uttar Pradesh Rajya Krishi Prabandhan Sansthan Bro. Vinay Prakash Srivastav, BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator,Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, BK Saroj Didi and BK Kusum. About 5000 Farmers are benefited by this program.

Hathras (UP)

After breifing on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project BK Saroj Didi giving Godly gift to Sis. Samyukta Samuddar at the Exhibition on Rural Development and De-Addiction. Bro.V N. Mishra and BK Shanta are also seen in the photo.

Hyderabad (AP)

Sis. BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing receiving momento from Bro. Chakrapani, Chairman, AP Legislative council at a program conducted by Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board during COP-11 Convention on Biodiversity for her contribution to the society through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project. BK Sunita, AP State co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing and Bro.Ishwaraiyya are seen in the photo. Click for Agriculture and Rural Development Wing Service Report at UN Convention on Biodviersity.

Jorhat (Assam)

Bro. BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing addressing a seminar on Role of Science and Spirituality for Sustainable Agriculture at Assam Agricultural University . Eminent personalities sharing the dias include BK Sarla National Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing; Bro. Krishna Gohain, Registrar & Dr G N Hazarika, Director of Research of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat; Dr. Kewalanand & Dr. Sunita Pandey from G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar.


At the inaugural session of 3 day training program for Sustainable Yogic Agriculture are Bro. S.S. Nanda , Dean Extension Education, Orissa Agricultural University, Bhubaneshwar; BK Kamlesh didi, BK Balasaheb, BK Manisha, BK Sulochana and BK Manisha. Bro. Arvind dali, MLA, Bhubaneswar; Bro. Jaydev and Bro. Arun Panda, Sr. Journalist attended this program.


A training on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture, De-addiction, Time Management, Role of Rural Activist and importance of Rajyoga Meditation for Holistic Rural Development held at �Canara Bank Gramin Swarojzgaar Prasikshan Sansthan�(Rural Self-Employment Training), Etah. Sixty staff members and manager Bro. Mukherjee attended this program. BK Saroj Didi, BK Rajender, BK Rachna and BK Swati addressed the program.

Navsari (Guj.)

Addressing a Dialogue on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project held at Navsari Agricultural University Honorable Vice-Chancellor Dr. A. R. Pathak said that this is a new concept which can prove very useful for the small and marginal farmers. He also welcomed the initiative by Brahma Kumaris to work on a project associated with organic farming. BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing gave overview of the project which was followed by the research presentation by BK Sumanth. Prof. Jamin Nayak delivered vote of thanks. Dean for College of Agriculture Dr. M. K. Arvadia, Dean for College of Horticulture and forestry Dr. N.L. Patel, Dean for Institute of Agri. business Management Dr. B K Dhabuk, Dean for College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandary Dr. N H Kelawala, 10 scientists, 60 research students and 20 others have attended this dialogue. Prof. Sunain co-ordinated this programme. BK Geeta explained importance of Rakhi Festival. BK Govind introduced the Guests.


Lighting the candles at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture awareness programme held at Navsari Brahma Kumaris center are BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator),Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Expert in Organic Agriculture Bro. Ramesh Nayak, BK Geeta, BK Govind and BK Sumanth. About 150 farmers and BK's are benefited by this programme.

Ambejogai (Mah.)

Addressing a farmer's conference on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at Natural Sugar and Allied Industries Ltd located at Sainagar Bro.B.B.Tumri, Chairman of the Natural Sugars said that this program is aimed at bringing awareness among the farmers to grow poison free food and generate pollution free electricity. This program was jointly organized by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya and Natural Sugar and Allied Industries Limited. He said that Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Technology is the best option available which will help the farmers to easily get rid of the vicious circles of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Now it is the call of time for the farmers to adopt organic farming with Rajyoga Meditation. This helps in transforming into healthy India and making the farmers prosperous. BK Rajubhai, BK Sarla Didi, BK Balsahebhai and BK Sunitabahen addressed this programme.

Mount Abu(Raj.)

The Rajayoga Retreat-Cum-Dialogue on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture : Stride Towards Golden India was organized jointly by the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris to explore new development opportunities to revitalize rural communities in India & Nepal.

Retreat days went magnificient (25-29th May 2012), delegates from all parts of India shared their experiences on Sutainable Yogic Agriculture and spirituality. They reviewed agrarian reforms analyzing the sustainable practices, mechanism and made proposals for future action to add Rajayoga Meditation with farming.

Addressing the Inaugural Programme, the Union Minister of State for Rural Development Bro. Pradeep Kumar Jain appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris in transforming and strengthening farming practices through Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project. These efforts will result in transforming the organic farming into more vibrant and productive. These efforts will sure gather momentum for overall Rural Development. Character building in youth and farmers can play a greater role in development of this nation. He emphasized that the spirituality can make the agricultural sector vibrant, it has the power to build character and develop competence.

The Micro-Irrigation and Cane Minister of Bihar State Bro. Avdesh Kushwaha said that this place is an adobe for Divine Powers. In his words: �After coming here I am determined for bring self-transformation. I believe that the spiritual guidance I received and will continue to receive from this place can prove helpful for my entire life'. He assured that he will plan to take benefit of the services rendered by Brahnma Kumari's Agriculture and Rural Development Wing in Bihar State. He made utmost of his three day trip to Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu.

Hon. Vice Chancellor of the Kumaun Univesity Dr. V P S Arora said that the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture is the traditional method therefore this project will guide Indian Agriculture and the World as a whole. This farming method will bring positive transformation in the personal life of farmer's and improvement in crop production. There is a myth existing at the back of their mind in the farmers that it will not be possible to fetch adequate production through organic farming. But experiments at various research places and the experiences of the farmers prove that farmer's can keep productivity levels constant by adopting practices of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

Scientists attended this retreat have developed a collective vision to support the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project. During the Retreat scientists agreed to form an advisory group to support this project named as �Scientific Support Volunteers(SSV)�. SSVs are intended for extending voluntary services as per the mutual convenience which may contribute to this Godly task of Transforming Agriculture through Spirituality and thereby helps to eradicate poverty in rural area. SSV's support in �Network Research Project' is very crucial.

Almost about 60 scientists, 40 agriculture officers with total about 450 delegates from various Agriculture Universities of India, Government Departments , Banking institutions looking after Agri Business, NGOs in Sustainable farming , Dairy and Sugar Cooperatives , Rural Women Organisations, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Research Organisation, Elite and Progressive farmers etc.

Besides this retreat a series of get- together's were organized for the agricultural scientists and senior agricultural officers. It was a tremendous response from the delegates that has proved this event to be of great success.


Trainers training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at Holy Land Retreat Center. Above two hundred farmers actively involved in this program. This program was addressed by BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator), BK Sarla Didi, BK Sunita, BK Balasaheb, BK Bholenath and BK Sumanth. BK Sunita(Huda Center) addressed this program.


Trainers training program on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at Holy Land Retreat Center. Above two hundred farmers actively involved in this program. This program was addressed by BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator), BK Sarla Didi, BK Sunita, BK Balasaheb, BK Bholenath and BK Sumanth. BK Sunita(Huda Center) addressed this program.


BK Asha, Director - ORC addressing the meeting of Scientists and BK's co-ordinating the research activities on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Director General of Water and Land Management Institute Bro. Ashok Kore, Director of Uttar Pradesh Rajya Krishi Prabandhan Sansthan Bro. Vinay Prakash Srivastav, Scientists from GB Pant University of Agriculture and Shivaji Lok Vidyapeeth narrated about the latest developments on the ongoing research activities held at these research stations. BK Sarla & BK Raju preceded this program. Bro. Niten Chandra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development was briefed about the highlights of the research by the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Researcher group on the following day.

Krishi Bhawan(Del.)

Bro. Niten Chandra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development meeting the delegation representing Agriculture and Rural Development Wing at the Krishi Bhawan. BK Sunita, BK Rajesh Dave, BK Jawahar Mehta, BK Sumanth, BK Pokpal and BK Anju are seen in the Photo.


"RYTHU CHAITANYA SADASSU"(Farmer's conference) on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture - Practicing Rajayoga Meditation by farmers would reap tremendous results in farming. Detailing the method of farming referred to as Yogic farming the speakers stressed upon the need for relying on the original traditional farming methods and following sustainable practices of modern agriculture, which did not suggest use of excessive fertilisers and pesticides. Speaking at the �Rytu Chatanya Sadassu'(Farmer's Conference) which was held by Brahmakumaris at lankelapalem near Visakhapatnam, to mark the platinum jubilee celebrations of the organisation, HQ. Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Rajayogi BK Rajubhai felt the methods employed by our farmers in the olden days used to be emulative to several countries. He said the farmers have now been in neck deep crisis as a result of their departure from the age traditional methods and the policies being adopted by the governments. He said Brahmakumaris had done an extensive research on Yogic Farming, which proved to be of great benefit to the farmers. This is very necessary for future of India for serving the healthy needs of Indian population.

Minister for Ports and Infrastructure Development Ganta Srinivasa Rao said steps would be taken to ensure the welfare measures reached the farmers. He also assured support to the research being done by the Brahmakumaris' organisation.

MLA of Pendurti constituency Bro. Panchakarla Ramesh, MLA of Gajuwaka constituency Bro. C. Venkatramayya, MLA of Vizag(West) M. Vijaya Prasad, Tollywood Film Hero Suman, President of Kisan congress Sis. Thota Vijaya Lakshmi, State Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing Sis. Sunita, BK Veni, BK Someswari, BK Shivappa and other dignitaries addressed this gathering.

This program received overwhelming response from the farmers. About 10,000 people including farmers, community leaders, BK's and local people benefited by this program.

This program had the live coverage in two television channels and covered all the print and electronic media in Andhra Pradesh.


A Mega Program for the Rural Youth under Rural Youth Empowerment Project accompanied with Sapanrch Adhyatmik Sammelan held at Morva(Godhra). Bro.BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Mount Abu; BK Rajesh Dave, AGM, Nabard; Prabhatsinh Chouhan, Member of Parliament, Godhra and BK Surekha addressed this program. About 4000 Rural Youth as well as members from Panchayati Raj and Sarpanch from 100 villages attended this program. This program was a grand success resulting into bringing services of entire Morva Taluka.


A program for the progressive farmers on water conservation and Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held at Water and Land Management Institute(WALMI), Aurangabad are Bro. A.R.Kore, Director, WALMI; Bro. Devkar, Addl. Director, WALMI , BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator of Rural Wing; BK Jagruti; and BK Balasaheb.

Addressing the program BK Raju said that the consequences of the undue use of chemicals and fertilizers are surfacing more in the states like Punjab and UP. Due to this reason we are facing no. of food borne illnesses. Therefore we are reaching every village to bring awareness on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Bro. A. R. Kore said that the farmers should take the most from the program which will prove helpful to enhance the quality of the agricultural produce so that they may fetch a better price in the market.

Sis. BK Jagruti explained about the importance of water conservation. BK Balasaheb gave on field demonstration to the farmers to follow yogic farming.

Dadi Hridaya Mohini Chief of Brahma Kumaris
“This methodology is very essential to produce pure & pious food, fruits & vegetables for good health. My good wishes are always with the farmers following yogic agriculture methodology by experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation, preperation of Organic Manures, adopting various ancient methods of conservation of crops - which will result in achieving 100% success.”

B.K. Sarla Chairperson Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“This is a farming process based on Rajyoga Meditation, which will have its valuable contribution in the creation of the new age. I express my best wishes to all the farming community for adopting this sustainable yogic methodology.”

B.K. Raju Vice-Chairman Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“ This novel project will guide the farmer brothers & sisters all around the world & inspires them for a life style filled with total bliss & peace. It leads to imperishable prosperity by means of holistic & healthy crop production. I wish you all the success, which is your birthright.”