NEWS 2010


Addressing a Shaswat Yogic Kheti Awareness program is the Assistant Director of Agriculture Bro.R.D.Bagla, Agriculture Gardening Officer Bro. Jagdish Upadhyay, Senior Scientist Bro. Sanjay Sharma, NCC Major Bro. Subhash Chandra Sharma and BK Sarita along with other eminent personalities inspected Shaswat Yogic Kheti farm.

Chunar (Uttar Pradesh)

Lightening the Candles at the Shaswat Yogic Kheti Campaign are Senior Divisional Magistrate Bro. P.P.Anjor, Chief Scientist of Indian Vegetable Research Centre Dr.D.R.Bharadwaj, Block Development Officer Dr.D.R.Vishwakarma, Municipal Chairman Sis.Hasina Begum, BK Surendra Bahen, BK Kusum, BK Saroj, Dr.Ramkaul Tripati, Ex-member of Krishi Bodh Pathistan BK Dipendra along with other brothers and sisters.

Jalore (Rajasthan)

Inauguration of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held at Jalore. Dignitories on the dais are Zonal Director of Agriculture Research Centre Dr. N.K.Sharma, Scientist at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dr. Madan Regar, Retd. Deputy Director of Agriculture Bro.R.D.Nama, Bro.Satyanarayan Agarwal, President of Mahavir International Bro. Laxminarayan Agarwal, HQ. Co-ordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Raju, BK Ranju, BK Uma, BK Bhavna and BK Meera.


BK Savitri & BK Sulakshana were presented with a momento by the Senior Divisional Magistrate of Baijnath on the eve of the closing ceremony of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan covering 75 villages. About 98,700 people took benefit of this campaign and 500 de-addiction sankalp patra were collected from the villagers. Block Development Officer, Additional Divisional Magistrate, BK Harnambhai along with reputed agriculturists and other eminent personalities are seen in the picture.


Lightening the candles at the closing ceremony of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan Ex-Minister of state Bro. Sravanji Parate, MLA Bro. Sudhirji Parve, BK Vishnu, BK Pushparani along with other Campaigners.

This campaign has covered 424 villages traveling 2,783 Km. Over 34,303 people benefited through this campaign. About 5,313 Sankalp Patra received taking oath of the de-addictions and for positive inclination.


Inauguration of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held on 11 th November, 2010 being flagged by the block pramukh Bro. Thakur Anil Singh and reputed Industrialist Bro. Ajay Goel. BK Sangeeta headed the campaign which covered 55 villages around Deoband and collected 1755 Sankalp Patra taking oath of de-addictions.

Nakud(UP): Inauguration of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held on 30 th November, 2010 which covered 35 villages around Nakud. About 1122 farmers filled Sankalp Patra. Only in the village Ambehata about 200 villagers took oath to leave their addictions such as bidi, cigaratte, ghutka, wine etc., this campaign is still on with remarkable support all over.


Inauguration of Shashwat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held at Nabrangpur. Superintendent of Police Bro. Niti Shekhar and Sub-Collector Bro. Nand kishore Sethy, BK Neelam along with other Campaigners are seen in the picture at the Inauguration. This campaign will cover Nabarangpur, Koraput & Kalahandi Districts.

Bareilly(Civil Lines)

Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan covering 49 villages held from 10 th November, 2010 – 12 th December, 2010 at Bareilly . BK Parvati, BK Neeta, BK Parul and other BK Brothers and Sisters are seen in the picture.


Inauguration of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held at Mahanteshnagar on 08/12/2010. BK Surajbhai, BK Rupesh, BK Ambika encouraging the campainors are seen in the picture. This campaign has covered 43 villages till 19/12/2010 and benefited 6025 villagers among which 141 villagers were de-addicted through Sankalp Patra.

Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad

“Shashwat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan” launched at Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad on 7.11.2010. Abhiyan moved towards Nizamabad Andhra Pradesh. In Nizamabad dist. campaign started from 8.11.2010 to 30.11.2010. It has covered 36 mandals in the Nizamabad district and one division in Adilabad district. About 168 major Gram Panchayat villages are covered during this Campaign.In the photo is Ramayampet mandal where the campaign was welcomed by the  MPP, AMC chairman and  Surpanch. They expressed that this type of service is utmost need of the farmers since most of the farmers suicide cases are from this district. In the photo graph are MPP giving the speech, Surpanch and BK Jaya In charge of Kamareddy Centre, BK Arundati and BK Anil are on the stage.


HQ Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Raju introducing Shaswat Yogic agriculture, addressing a gathering of 200 villagers and the officers representing all departments of district administration at Khiwada Village (Rani). Senior Divisional Magistrate Bro.Mohansingh Rajpurohit, Village Development Officer Bro.Budharam Parihar, Ayurvedic Doctor Bro.Dr.Mahesh, BK Sumanth and various other dignitaries attended this program. Sis.Sonu Incharge of Brahma Kumaris Rani Center successfully presided this program.


"Kisan Sammelan" held at Gumla(Jharkhand) on 5 & 6th December, 2010. Dignitories in the photo are Bro. Kamlesh Oraon (MLA), Bro. Prabhat Kumar Bandhu ( President of Zila Krishak Samithi), Balmukund Sahu (Mukhia), Ramesh Kumar (Chamber of Commerce), Nirmala Sinha (President, BJP Mahila Morcha), BK Shanti (Gumla), BK Surekha(Godhra) and BK Narayanbhai (Mehsana) with other VIP's.


Ex-President of Morwa(Hadaf)Taluka Panchayat Bro.Vikrambhai Dandor, Sarpanch of Mora Gram Panchayat Bro.Nayanbhai Bamnia, President of Mora Taluka Panchayat Bro.Prabhatsinh Jalaiya, Taluka Development Officer of Morwa(Hadaf) Bro.Komal, Sr. Rajayoga Teacher of Godhra BK Surekha bahen, BK Jyotsna bahen of Lunawada, BK Mita bahen of Zalod, BK Ratan bahen of Shehera, BK Niranjanabahen of Mora, Morwa(Hadaf)'s Chairman-Agriculture Produce Market Committee Bro.Vijay Kumar Patel are seen in the photo of Shaswat yogic kheti jagruti abhiyan for panchmahals & dahod district.


Bro.Sachin Tendulkar gives good wishes on the eve of Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan through a message endorsed bat to BK Rajni, BK Manisha and BK Hargovind.


Inauguration of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Campaign held at Cuttack . This program was attended by the honorable member of Rajya Sabha Bro. Sashibhushan Behera, National Co-ordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Sarla Bahen, Bro.A. S. Nand (V.U.T.) Bhubaneshwar, BK Kamlesh, BK Arun Kumar Panda, Prof. BK Kiran, BK Sulochana, BK Nathmal and various other dignitaries representing Agriculture and Rural Development Wing.

Addressing the gathering Chief Guest Bro.Sashibhushan Behera said that the methodology of this sustainable yogic agriculture will prove beneficial while safeguarding the interests of the agricultural community.

Hon. Speaker of this program BK Sarla bahen said that the Agriculture is the initial culture that we have developed right from the inception of this world. Agriculture is the ancient Indian culture which still proves as the best. Ancient Indian Agriculture has its great story of producing rich produce which in turn is now producing the toxic one's. With the aim to earn more money agriculturists started utilizing toxic chemicals and pesticides. Now the same practice has turned into disguise, gradually the toxic effect is now apparent on both the nature and the human. Understanding the symptoms of the food borne illnesses and the call of time for the need transformation - a new step was taken for yogic agriculture and this has proven successful. On following yogic agriculture we can enhance the flora of the soil, enrich crops nutritionally and improve productivity this results in prosperity of the nation.

Bro.Dr. S. S. Nand said that the utilization of Inorganic fertilizers will improve the productivity at the initial stage and this productivity will become stagnant or will diminish at the later stages. It is now clear from the scientific research that organic farming even can gradually enhance the productivity and can re-energize the soil. He welcomed the efforts of Brahma Kumaris for taking this initiative.

BK Kamlesh bahen said that the real prosperity of the nation can be bought back upon building the character of every individual. For developing rich character we need enriched thoughts. Prof. BK Kiran explained about the aim and objective of this campaign.

BK Arun Kumar Panda has briefed the relevance of this yogic agriculture encouraging farmers to adopt yogic agriculture quoting few examples of the vedic yuga. Bro. BK Nathmal expressed his good wishes. BK Sulochana made the welcome address. BK Asmita was the stage secretary.

Agriculture officer Dev Prasad Dasha conveyed vote of thanks. All the participants of the campaign were given with Kalash, Caps, Flags at the finale. This campaign will continue till 24 th December, 2010.


BK Gayatri representing United Nations (USA), BK Gopi(UK), BK Shweta(Germany), BK Piero(Italy),BK Raju(HQ Co-Ordinator, RDW), BK Sarla (National Co-ordinator, RDW), BK Kusum, BK Bharti, BK Shivani and BK Sumanth held a meeting with the Honourable Vice-Chancellor Dr RC Maheshwari & Director of Research  Dr. S B S Tikka of S.D. Agricultural University(Gujarat) for the proposed agenda to take the results of experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation i.e. Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and to arrange for a possible representation from FAO for observation of this unique experiment.

Dantiwada, Gujarat

Meeting of Vishwa Kalyani farmer's club was attended by BK Gayatri representing United Nations (USA), BK Gopi(UK), BK Shweta(Germany), BK Piero(Italy), BK Raju(HQ Co-Ordinator, RDW), BK Sarla (National Co-ordinator, RDW), BK Kusum, BK Bharti, BK Shivani(dantiwada centre).  Bro. Piero
landlord and Organic farmer from Italy has resgistered as an honorary member of this farmer's club.

Dantiwada, Gujarat

After on-field observations - BK Gayatri (USA), BK Gopi(UK), BK Shweta( Germany ), BK Piero( Italy ) and BK Sarla (National Co-ordinator, RDW) performing Rajyoga Meditation to a Sustainable Yogic Agriculture farm.

Solapur, Maharashtra

BK Manisha Addressing Kisan Sammelan, sharing dias are BK Somprabha BK Vinayakbhai along with other dignitories.


MLA Rashmithai Bagal, Bro. Ghumre sar, Sis. Anjali Srivastav, BK Somprabha on the dias in the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Awareness Campaign program.


Lightening candles at the Inaugural Program of Kisan Sashaktikaran Mahasammelan (Conference to Empower Farmers) are MLA Chiman Aabhaji, National Co-ordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Sarla Ji, BK Minakshi, BK Mira along with other Agriculture and Rural Development Wing Members. About 2000 farmers and eminent personalities representing Agricultural Community attended this conference.


Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Awareness Camp held at KPHB Colony, Hyderabad where several farmers, residents, BK students (150 people) taken benefit of this awareness camp.  BKBrothers Bolanath ,Balasaheb,Sumanth and BK Sister Savitri ,Sister Ishwari, Sister Jyoti addressed the camp.


215 farmers taken benefit of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training & demonstration camp held at BHEL Ramchandrampuram. This program was attended by Bro. Nandishwar Goud(MLA), BK Savitri, BK Balasaheb, BK Sumanth, BK Bholenath and other corporators.


Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Awareness Camp held at "Dr D. Rama Naidu Vignana Jyothi Institute of Rural Development". Honourable director of the institute Dr. K.N.Rao, BK Sumanth, BK Balasaheb, BK Bholenath and BK Jyoti addressed the 200 students and the faculties of the Institute.

Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh

About three hundred people representing various organizations involved in Rural Development have taken benefit of this awareness camp on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

BK Rajubhai (HQ. Co-ordinator) from Mount Abu, BK Shakuntala Incharge of Miryalguda Sub-Zone, BK Hema(Branch Incharge), Bro.Routu Surya Prakasa Rao (MLA), Bro. Kandula Durgesh(MLC), A.Veera Raghavamma(Mayor) Other eminent personalities such as Taluka Agriculture Officer, Principal & Secretary of Agricultural College, Raitu Rajyam president, Secretary of Village Co-operative Banks and many Sarpanch from all over the district attended this program.

Addressing the Conference Bro.BK Raju said that the attainment of inherent spiritual powers is possible through the regular practice of Rajyoga Meditation. He emphasized that every Sarpanch should act with Sympathy and Easiness being Merciful and Selfless while playing a Charismatic role in the society. He also explained the relevance of various improved aspects of Agriculture such as Germination, Quantum of Production, Soil Biological Activity, Nutritious values of the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.

Honourable chief Guest of the program Bro.Routu Surya Prakasa Rao(MLA) has commended the efforts of Brahma Kumaris for their role in establishing Peace in this world. He expressed his happiness on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project and said when everything is turning out to be toxic in this world, now experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation will bring a turnaround.

Bro.K.Durgesh(MLC) addressing gathering said that the consumption of chemical based fertilizers has increased from the days of green revolution. He said that, it is the need of the day to reduce the consumption of these inorganic fertilizers, but the farmers can achieve success by following organic methods only with a positive thought.

Sis.A.Veeraraghavamma (Mayor), Bro.A. Appa Rao also addressed the gathering.

Later MLA, MLC, Mayor, ZPTC member, MPP members and Authorities of Agricultural College has felicitated BK Rajubhai Ji.

Miryalaguda, Telangana

Bro.BK Raju, HQ coordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing said that a positive bent of thought will change the success story of the Business People. President of Rice Millers Association Bro. M.Venkateshwarlu, Rotary Club President Bro. K Rammurthy & Assitant Governor Bro. G. Dayaker and Lions club president Bro.Ramanujachary and Bk. Shakunthala, Miryalguda Subzone incharge addressed this programme.

He also explained the Project of Eternal Yogic Agriculture and techniques of Rajyoga Meditation which will make healthy living.

He emphasized the Role of developing faith with the customers and act as Role Model in the society. An Entrepreneur needs to be regular and punctual while performing his duties. Playing the mentor role in the internal administration they need to behave friendly and open while giving respect to everyone. If you behave your employees like workers they will simply work and they will heartfully involve themselves, if you treat them like your family members.

He explained to role of humility and ways of a Peaceful living on the basis of Truth

Rajkot, Gujarat

Experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation will result in the Agricultural produce with rich Nutritional Contents said Sis.BK Manisha.  We can establish the loving relationship by the real understanding of the Nature.  She emphasized need of giving positive vibrations of Peace, Happiness, Love and Purity upon the seeds, so called as Bheej Sanskar. 

Bro.BK Narayanbhai explained the need for awareness of Satvic food, which is the basis of establishing a healthy and value based living.  How the undue use of Inorganic fertilizers and Pesticides are raising the pollution levels. This proves dangerous to the Human life.  He briefed about different Organic methods for preparation of Organic Manures and following organic ways.

Bro.Dr.B.B.Kabariya of Krishi Vigyan Kendra has praised the successful role of this project in making positive life style with its foundation of positive attitude.  He emphasized the need of experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation along with positive thoughts which makes the earth biologically rich even in this age of tension.

Dahod, (Gujarat)

A heart touching class on "Purity - The Foundation of Auspicious Brahmin Life" was delivered by Raju Bhaiji.  Evening Meditation session was experienced in the Powerful stage as a "Sun of Master Purity".   Even the Nature has responded positively by the Cold Breeze accompanied with rain getting rid of the Hot Humid climate.  Meditation in the night was held in the candle lighting experiencing the stage of dedication. 

After such wonderful Meditation Program on the first day, Meeting was held for planning about the upcomming project “EVERLASTING YOGIC FARMING CAMPAIGN” - A STEP TOWARDS NATIONAL PROSPERITY on the second day.  A roadmap was drawn for successful launch of this Nationwide campaign. A firm thought for utmost co-operation to this program was taken by all members.  Likewise loveliest Baba has sourced with a wonderful beginning even before the Launching of this Campaign.

Palanpur, Gujarat

According to Sis.BK Sarla Ji (National Co-ordinator, RDW) - Vishwa Kalyani Farmer's Club comprises a group of farmers regularly practice Rajyoga Meditation.  They lead an addiction free life i.e. even free from pollution of human mind by getting rid of Jealousy and Hatred.  She further added that this group will meet from time to time to discuss about various aspects of improving the Quality and Productivity of the Agricultural produce while employing Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Methodology.  They will also guide the fellow farmers to lead a charismatic spiritual life.

S.D. Agricultural University is already conducting the experiments on Role of Rajyoga Meditation on various aspects of Agricultural Produce inside the university campus. While this program aimed at drawing the Rajyogi farmers together to carryout an on-site field research at the individual farmer's end.


Get-together program for awareness on Shaswat Yogic Kheti Project held at Jammu Centre. About 100 people have taken advantage of this awareness program. Dignitories on the stage are BK Ravinder bhai, Bro.Prof.S.K.Gupta from Agriculture University at Jammu, BK Raju bhai, BK Sarla Didi, BK Sudershan Bahen.

Palampur (Himachal Pradesh)

Addressing the annual meeting of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing at Palampur (Himachal Pradesh) is Bro. Shanta Kumar ji, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) & Ex-chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh addressing a gathering of 150 members of the Wing. Eminent personalities sharing the Dias are B.K. Sarla Didi Ji (National Co-ordinator : RDW), B.K. Raju (HQ Co-ordinator), B.K. Narayanbhai.


Shaswat Yogic Kheti Training Program arranged by Rural Wing at Palanpur in which 300 farmers took advantage of the demonstrations and the training given by BK Farmers. This program was held in the presence of the Banaskantha District collector.


Brain Storming Seminar on Yogic Krishi held at S. D. Agricultural University, Dantiwada was attended by 80 delegates including Director of Research, Registrar, Professors, Lecturers and students of the University.

Dadi Hridaya Mohini Chief of Brahma Kumaris
“This methodology is very essential to produce pure & pious food, fruits & vegetables for good health. My good wishes are always with the farmers following yogic agriculture methodology by experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation, preperation of Organic Manures, adopting various ancient methods of conservation of crops - which will result in achieving 100% success.”

B.K. Sarla Chairperson Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“This is a farming process based on Rajyoga Meditation, which will have its valuable contribution in the creation of the new age. I express my best wishes to all the farming community for adopting this sustainable yogic methodology.”

B.K. Raju Vice-Chairman Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“ This novel project will guide the farmer brothers & sisters all around the world & inspires them for a life style filled with total bliss & peace. It leads to imperishable prosperity by means of holistic & healthy crop production. I wish you all the success, which is your birthright.”