NEWS 2011

Shantivan, Aburoad

After Lightening the candles at the Inaugural Session of the Annual meeting Dadi Ratanmohiniji, Sis. BK Sarla(Co-ordinator) and Bro. BK Raju (Hq. Co-ordinator) were seen in high spirits.

After welcome note from Sis.BK Sarla, Dadi Ratanmohini Ji addressing the meeting said that the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing has made significant progress within a very short duration of its inception. She praised the services Rural wing to serve the rural world. Rural People have their own inherent strengths due to which they are quick to accept and the services give immediate result. She also advised the wing members to remain in the state of soul consciousness which will prove to be very effective for the services. Our words will influence others when our purpose remains strong. The more you get forward with your services the more you will experience the love and the sense of belongingness. Rajubhai drawing attention towards Baba's gestures while emphasizing the need of our efforts of our yoga to face obstacles/crisis. Results of experimentation of yoga on crops and plants are improving. Madhuban Radio is also advertising Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project in a big way. Now people are becoming more aware of ways and means of yoga that will have impact on agriculture.

Further proceeding the meeting Sis. BK Sarla said that scientists accept that, what we speak is our about our ancient culture. They consider the sustainable yogic agriculture project as a result oriented project. She stressed on the need to collect more scientific data that can convince the scientists. Narrating her meeting with the scientists of S D Agricultural University she said that sustainable yogic agriculture is definitely ahead of organic farming and we need few years to give this outcome with documentation.


Presentations on services under various projects like Rural Youth Empowerment Project, Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project, Retreats, Rural Fairs, Exhibitions and Plantation programs were made by the brothers and sisters representing all parts of India . Sis. Dr. Sunita from Pantnagar presented the ongoing experiments in G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. Success of the Retreat for agricultural scientists and experts held at Indian Agricultural Research Insitute(IARI) at Pusa Campus, New Delhi was also narrated. Farmers from Maharastra, Gujarat , Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh briefed their success stories of experimentation of Rajayoga Meditation in Agriculture.


Rajubhai explained about the ways to succeed in better utilization of time, enhance the energy of thoughts and Methods to protect/increase the powers of mind. In order to get rid of the disagreements and differences if any we should pay attention towards our efforts. Baba wants to see us obstacle free. Whenever consciousness of I and mine surfaces there appears the obstacles and conflict. Baba gives attention on our efforts on one side and to make the garland of VVIP's .Create a stage as such that we can face any sort of situation with strong determination where our thoughts should also serve. Remember only one, make right efforts to come in the garland of 108, remember only one, keep full stop, put the eight powers to work.


Dr. Sunita explained the method to approach the scientists keeping the scientific data, report and publications with showing facts, figures and photographs. For those who are interested to enter into an MOU then we have to give clear idea about the concept, choice of different crops , identification of the place for research, distribution of plots for different modules, way of giving vibrations, duration of meditation for different crops and training for scientists etc.,


Members representing different zones were together to plan for the services of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing for the year 2012. Especially a group was formed from Maharastra and Gujarat to assist the programs to be held in all parts of India . They also made a list of VVIP's who are supporting our Wing programs.


Sis.Mohini, Chairperson of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing addressing this meeting addressed about the Bapdada's inspirations and gestures. She also emphasized to cover all the universities through awareness programs on sustainable yogic agriculture project also Krishi Vigyan Kendras(KVK') which have district wise presence in all states of India . This is the right time to put forward your efforts. Our efforts should awaken the government also. We can do unlimited services through our Rural Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Yogic Agriculture project. It was also decided to make some literature giving a brief of experiences of scientists and farmers.


A Beautiful Puppet show on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was presented by Visakhapatnam (Akkayapalem) Center. Later BK Rajubhai explained about involving foreigners in the sustainable yogic project and informed about the schedule for the training for foreigners. All the members met Dadi Jankiji. Visit to Tapovan proved informative about usage of organic pest repellents.


Bapdada's meeting was on 15th December, 2011. Bapdada also appreciated the efforts of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing and drawn attention towards the detailed plan for the coming year.


Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training program was also conducted by Bro.BK Balasaheb, BK Manisha and BK Bholenath. Lecture of Bro. Pradeep Kumar Jain, Honorable Union Minister for Rural Development, Govt. of India held at Indian Agricultural Research Insitute(IARI) was presented. With all the riches of excitement and enthusiasm all the members left for their own places. Around 300+ members attended this Annual Meeting.

Durban(South Africa)

Bro.Piero introduced Sustainable Yogic Agriculture concept at the Farmer's Union meeting. This union has 1700 members. Farmers showed lot of interest in yogic farming. It was interesting for them to know that yogic farming is inexpensive, enhances nutritional values and even helps them in pest control. They are also keen to learn meditation and requested that BK's offer them the training. Sis. Lefuma from Johannesburg reported this meeting.


Sharing the dias at the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Training are the Director of Agriculture Dr. Mukesh Goutam, Commissioner of Agriculture Bro.Alok Rajan, Director of State Agriculture Management Institute Bro. Vinay Prakash, Assitant Director BK Badri Vishal, Bro. Vinod Kumar of Agriculture Statistics, Govt. of UP, BK Geeta, BK Radha, BK Balasaheb and BK Vishnu. This program was co-ordinated by BK Suman. Addressing the gathering Bro. Alok Ranjan appreciated the results of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture.


Lightening the candles at the Rural Youth Empowerment Project Trainers training program are BK Geeta, BK Suman and BK Sangeeta along with the BK Brothers and Sisters.


Lightening the candles at the workshop held at Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth are Director of Research Dr. Subhash Mehetre, Former Minister of Agriculture Bro. Annasaheb Mhaske, Director of Extension Education Dr. Shivajirao Pokharkar, BK Raju(HQ. Co-ordinator), BK Manisha, BK Nalini with other dignitaries. As a speaker addressing the workshop BK Raju said that whole creation works on the basis of three powers such as the Power of thought, Cosmic energy and the nature. He explained about the ways and means of experimenting Rajyoga meditation in Agriculture. BK Manisha explained the impact of the positive thoughts on the plants. Director of Research Dr. Subhash Mehetre appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris to promote Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. He also allotted a plot for the research on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Ex-Minister Annasaheb Mahaske emphasized the need for the farmers to use farm yield manures while adopting yogic agriculture to achieve long term gains. BK Nalini and BK Sulbha co-ordinated this program. Vote of thanks was conveyed by Professor Extension Dr. Milind Ahirye. Associate Dean(PGI) Dr. Rajendra Patil, Head of all the departments, scientists and about 800 students participated in this program.


A stall for Sustainable Yogic Agriculture was arranged in the Agricultural fair at Madgaon on behalf of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing. This fair held at lohia ground with representation of various farmers clubs at their stalls. This fair was inaugurated by Municipal Chairperson Sis. Sushila Nayak and Director of Agriculture ( Goa ) Bro. Satish Tendulkar. Thousands of farmers were briefed on Yogic Agriculture through the pictures in the stall. Pamphlets and literature was distributed. On the closing day organizers projected Yogic Agriculture presentation for half-an-hour on a bigger screen. At the closing ceremony BK Sushma and BK Darshan were invited on the stage to address a gathering of thousands of farmers.

Conference on Shaswat Yogic Kheti - A Step Forward for a New Era in Agriculture at ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region (ICAR-RCER)


Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation along with Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mount Abu , Rajasthan convened a conference of Agricultural Scientists in the conference held of R.C.E.R. Patna to discuss the shashwat Yogic Kheti project. This Conference was presided over by Dr. B.P. Bhatt, the Director R.C.E.R. and its Chief guest was B.K. Raju Bhai, the H.Q. Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Brahmakumaris at H.Q. Mount Abu. The Co-ordinator of the Conference Dr. S.S. Singh, Principal Scienctist D.E.R. welcomed the guests and his colleagues, participants and others.

B.K. Raju Bhai delivered the keynote address. In his address he threw light on hazardous effects of environmental pollutants including chemical fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides. Under green Revolution the excessive use of these inputs are not only making land infertile but the human health has also been effected. In order to fight out this menace an effective alternative has to be found out as soon as possible. Brahmakumaris with help of B.K. Brothers and Sisters are working on a project �' Shashwat Yogic Kheti'' which is not entirely a new technique but an extension of organic farming where the farmers use the technique of Ancient Raj Yoga Meditation to improve both the quality of the corps and the yield. He also told that Meditation is an easy process of receiving powers from cosmic energy which has got healing effect. This energy, then to directed to the identified plot of Yogic farm. He also informed that positive results have been obtained by this easy technique by S. D. University project who are assisting us on the technical side of the project. This technique while solving the problem of pollution and health illnesses, has increasing trend of production par hectare with full nutrient value. He invited the agriculture Scientists to come forward and accept the challenge of this end associating themselves with the project.

Thereafter BK Sangeeta from Mahesana, Gujarat delivered a power point presentation on �Shashwat Yogic Kheti''. After power point presentation a volley of questions were find by the participants on the viability and acceptability of Yoga in agricultural practices. However, more information will be made available to them for their perusal for further reference and experimentation.

In the end the Director of the Research center, Dr. B.P. Bhatt while concluding the discussion appreciated the project and effects being made by Brahmakumaris in this direction. He requested B.K. Raju Bhai to make available full details of the project and with vote of thanks he also urged his Scientists to co-operate on technical inputs of the project.


A joint program for awareness on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture held in co-ordination with Shree Shivaji lok Vidyapeeth and Maharastra Agricultural Technology Management Association(ATMA). Deputy Director of ATMA Dr. Mangesh Deshmukh, Vice-chancellor of Shri Shivaji Lok Vidyapeeth Bro. Lakshmikant Kalntri, Dr. Ramesh Thakor, Maharastra state Ex-Minister of Agriculture Bro. Nanabhau Embadvar, BK Balasaheb, BK Shrikant, BK Rajesh and BK Pari addressed this program. About 500 people including eminent personalities, scientists and hundreds of villagers attended this program.


Lighting the lamp at the Sustinable Yogic Agriculture conference Cane Minister Bro. Avdesh Prasad Kushwaha, MLA Krishna Nandan Paswan, BK Rani, BK Raju, BK Sarla and BK Abita. 500 delegates including officers, scientists, leaders and agriculturists participated in this program.


At the Inauguration of the Rural Wing stall at the National Agricultural Fair is the Minister of Environment and Ores Bro. Ramlal Jat along with other officers, Sis. Tara along with BK brothers and Sisters explained various aspects of rural development and Sustainable Yogic Agriculture to 5000 people from Rural areas.

Role of Science and Spirituality in Sustainable Agriculture: Retreat-Cum-Dialogue at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, PUSA Campus, New Delhi

New Delhi

A two-day Retreat-Cum-Dialogue for Agricultural Scientists and Experts on 17-18 September 2011 at The Indian Agricultural Research Institute based in New Delhi, India  


IARI and the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of The Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, New Delhi and Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mount Abu. About 350 Agricultural Scientists, Experts, Researchers and Government Representatives participated in this program.


BK Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu; Bro. Pradeep Kumar Jain, Honorable Minister of State for Rural Development, Government of India;  Dr. B S Bisht, Vice-Chancellor, G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar;  Dr.Harishankar Gupta, Director IARI, New Delhi; Dr. Smt. Savita Anand, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, New Delhi;  Sis. M. Dadlani, Deputy Director, IARI, New Delhi; BK Sarla, National Co-ordinator, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, Mehsana & BK Raju, HQ. Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Mount Abu attended this program


On the Agenda were thematic issues such as The Scientific Basis of Sustainable Yogic Agriculture, Role of Rajayoga Meditation for Agricultural Advancement, Ancient and Modern methods of Conservation Agriculture. Scientists and Farmers   involved in Sustainable Yogic Agriculture will share their experiences.


This retreat was organized by the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation to promote the sustainable practice of Organic Farming.  This Retreat focused on the Role of Rajayoga Meditation for Agricultural Advancement and on following Sustainable practices of Agriculture, while safeguarding ecology and the environment through organic farming.


Yogic Kheti Awareness program held at the Tamilnadu Agricultural University where scientists, hundreds of students are benefited through this program. Sharing the dias are the Vice-Chancellor Dr. P Murugesa Boopathi, Dean(Agriculture) and Dean(Agricultural Engineering), BK Raju & BK Sarla. BK Mamta, BK Kiran, BK Balasaheb and BK Bholenath addressed this program.


Addressing the Rural Youth Trainers Training Program held at Visakhapatnam(Jal Udyanavan) is the mayor Bro.Pulusu Janarthana Reddy, Sis.Thota Vijayalakshmi, BK Shivappa, BK Geeta, BK Sumanth, BK Veni, BK Someswari addressed this training program. Over 350 participants from three districts of Visakhapatnam , Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam took benefit of this training program.

Hyderabad(Huda Colony)

Rural Youth Empowerment Project held at Hyderabad (Huda Colony) where 60 youth took benefit of the Trainers Training Program. BK Geeta, BK Sumanth, BK Sailaja, BK Ganesh addressed this program.

Hyderabad(Shanti Sarovar)

Addressing the Rural Youth Empowerment Project Trainers Training Program is BK Kuldeep, BK Geeta, BK Sheela, BK Sumanth and BK Arundhati participated in this program. About 80 trainers took advantage of this program.


Lighting the Lamp at the inauguration of the blood donation camp under Rural Youth Empowerment Project are Dr. Kale, Dr. Hake, Bro. Marshetvar and BK Snehlata.

Mount Abu(Raj.)

Spiritual Revolution for Golden Rural India a three day Rajayoga Retreat held at Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu . 350 delegates representing all parts of India who are actively involved in Rural Development took part of this program.

Addressing the program Vice-Chancellor of S. D.Agricultural University the first ever university which has taken the initiative to conduct research on Yogic Agriculture Dr. R.C. Maheshwari said that we are experimenting Brahma Kumaris taught Rajayoga Meditation in agriculture for the last three years. Our vision is to achieve Noble Prize through this research through its consequent results. We are used to the medicated seeds i.e. seeds treated by the chemicals before sowing but from last three years we have started the usage of the seeds treated through Rajayoga Meditation to charge such seeds. Yogic Agriculture Methodology resulted in nutritious crops while improving soil fertility. This research will have more relevance in the future due to the significant results through the modern equipments to measure such subtle power of the vibrations emanating through Rajayoga Meditation.

Ex-Minister of Forests, Transport and Sports of Maharastra Government and the President of Motiramji Thakre Education Society Bro. Subhashrao Thakre expressed his pain for the 80% of the Rural Population who are dependent upon agriculture. Negative impact of the usage of Chemical fertilizers and Hybrid Seeds are clearly visible these days. Our Mother land is used to give out Gold which has now started to spill Poison. Effect of the Toxic pesticides and chemicals are clearly visible. He appreciated the efforts of the Brahma Kumaris for the Sustainable Yogic Agriculture Project proving very helpful to the farmers.

Chairperson of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Mohinji said that the awareness in the Rural living will result in true development of India . Generator of the Spiritual Revolution is not any human but it is the Supreme Soul God Father Almighty. Spirituality can only transform the negative attitudes into pure and positive. Transformation of our attitudes helps in the transformation of our own world. The village which is free of addictions can only be happy and prosperous.

According to the General Secretary of the Brahma Kumaris BK Nirwair, before purifying our external nature we need to first purify our internal nature. Spirituality is the powerful medium of inner purification. Remembrance of the Natural Nature of our soul i.e. Peace, Love and Purity can only bring the transformation in the nature.

National Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Sarla Bahen said that our ancient culture is based upon the Agriculture. Proper Implementation of various projects pertaining to the Agriculture and Rural Development is only possible through the awakening of our Spiritual Consciousness. Today the problem is not due to lack of equipment but it is lack of values affecting the society.

Head Quarter Co-ordinator of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing BK Rajubhai came with the welcome note. BK Geeta was Stage Co-ordinator.

Commissioner of Andhra Pradesh Academy of Rural Development Bro. Chandra Mouli appreciated the efforts of Brahma Kumaris for their drive for cleanliness and Deaddiction which has no contrast. Vision to accomplish a Golden Rural India is possible through collaborated efforts.

Highlight Speeches:

Agriculture Advisor of Karnataka State Bro.Suresh Desai as a Chief Guest addressing the Retreat said, hardworking farmers play responsible role to fulfill the basic need to provide food. In order to actualize the concept of the Ideal Village , residents of the village should realise the importance of social harmony, brotherhood, unity and spirit of cooperation.

Assistant General Manager of Nabard Bro. Rajesh Dave said India will be able to progress and achieve higher growth when the farmers are inspired and driven to support with good harvest.

Director of Gyan Sarovar Academy Dr. Niramala said overall development of the villages is not just possible through the physical resources but it is possible by the restoration of the Divine Values in the life.

Agricultural Expert and Executive Member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing Bro. Rajendra Kumar said that it is by removing the difference of the small & big, rich & poor to develop brotherhood for establishing Golden Rural India which is not a big task.

Rajayoga Teacher BK Reshma said that holistic internal development is the basis for establishing a Golden Rural India.

Several Workshops have been conducted during this three day Retreat.

Visakhapatnam (Akkayapalem)

Sustainable Yogic Agriculture message was given to 1685 Adarsha Rytulu (Progressive farmers) through 10 different programs held on 18 th April, 2011 at Anakapalli – 150 Farmers, Chodavaram – 300 Farmers, Sabbavaram – 200 Farmers, Narsipatnam – 150 Farmers, Paderu – 100 Farmers, Payakaraopeta – 300 Farmers, Yalamanchali – 150 Farmers, Aruku – 120 Farmers, Chintapalli – 90 Farmers, Bhimalli – 125 Farmers. All these programs held with the support of the Director of Agriculture Bro. Mr. P. Bhadrachalam (Visakhapatnam District) BK Someshwari and BK Triveni actively participated in various programs.


Need of Shaswat Yogic Agriculture program held at Tardal in which 80 reputed farmers took part in the Awareness Program. Amongst them 30 farmers have opted for Rajyoga courses. This program was presided by BK Asha and BK Rupa. Prominent dignitaries of the region Bro.Vasantrao Nabhiraj Jhele, Bro.Shivgondabhau Patil, Bro.Madhan Bhupal Chougule, Bro.Kumar G. Chougule, Regional Agricultural Officer Bro.R.A. Patil and Bro. Vasantrao Chougley attended the meeting.

Shantivan, Aburoad

Annual Meeting of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing held at Shantivan, Aburoad on 14 th , 15 th and 16 th of February, 2011. Welcome Session held on 14 th February evening. Addressing a gathering 300 Members of the wing Sis. Sarla said that the members of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing are enjoying the real fortune to serve the farmers who are fulfilling the basic need of producing Food. We are supporting farmers for their spiritual development, moral, financial by making wonderful plans and projects.

Bro.Raju explained about the developments of Shaswat Yogic Agriculture project around the Nation. He narrated few stories of the project experiences which proved practical inspiration for others to adopt Yogic Agriculture. He said that Baba wants his Message to reach each and every village. Even though we approach them with the reason of Agriculture we also give them Baba's Message. Baba's Message should reach every individual in every village, nobody should be spared out. We have such Wonderful Instrument in our hands in the form of Yogic Agriculture project to fulfill such vision.

Dadi Ratanmohini Ji said that people are now showing enthusiasm to learn and adopt yogic agriculture. In the same way we should ourselves stand as an example for others. Our living should reveal our Supreme Teacher. Baba wants our face and our actions should reveal his greatness. Service helps us in making our yogic posture. People will be attracted towards our services when we remain with our yogic posture.

On 15 th morning Bro.Raju emphasized on making our services to have a different outlook. Vip's should not feel that we are doing the same, what others do. They should realize that it is the service of the almighty. Now the service environment all around the world has turned fruitful. All the souls are now realising that Brahma Kumaris are Different.

BK Brothers and sisters representing various parts of the country presented a brief of local service news. Bro.Chandramohan from Myanmar of Burma has explained the difficulties of services in Burma due to the restrictions of the Military rule. But, he expressed his happiness that the services of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing need no permission and rural wing services can be carried out easily.

Announcements of the Future Projects:

Rural Youth Empowerment Project (Gramin Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojna): This project has been specially designed in order to serve the Rural Youth. A camp will be organized in each village for giving a strong message to the Youth. Following are the topics covered: 1) Spiritual Empowerment 2) De-addiction 3) Sustainable Yogic Agriculture 4) Living Values based Inspirations to the youth for necessary Time Management 5) Important Role of the Youth in Village Development 6) Government & NGO Schemes for the Youth like different topics are being covered in these youth camps. Arrangements of these Youth camps will be likewise that of the regular Rajyoga Shivir.

These camps avail the rural youth to realize their actual self as a Soul, about the Supreme Soul and for the development in their actual inherent potential. These can also be followed by the three days ‘Youth Personality Development Camps' with the primary motive of Spiritual Empowerment. Sustainable Yogic Agriculture trainings will also be conducted for the interested youth at local levels. Thus aiming for the Holistic Rural Development through Youth Empowerment.

Rural Women Empowerment Project: Camps are arranged in the above said lines for the rural women covering various topics like 1) Spiritual Empowerment 2) Health Awareness 3) Family Values 4) Social Empowerment 5) Government Schemes for the women 6) Importance of Financial Growth 7) Way and means to get rid of Superstitions etc.,

Some aspects of Implementation: These camps will be organized with the support of the local women clubs, Self Help Groups and other associations. Explanation can be given about the pictures related to women. Dialogues and Dramas can be arranged to give the message. Even competitions can be arranged for women to encourage them. With all the above we can establish good communion with the Rural Women and assist them for their overall development.

There was a suggestion that Yog Bhatti's for the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing Members are to be arranged at the zonal levels.

Rajyoga Retreat on Spiritual Revolution for Gold Rural India : We are happy to inform you about the upcoming retreat to be held at Gyan Sarovar during 6 th May, 2011 to 10 th May, 2011 with the said title. 400 delegates representing all parts of the country who are serving as officials at senior level management involved the Rural Development, Agriculture Officers, Scientists etc., will come together. Zone wise allocation of the delegates representing shall be sent to the zonal offices. Application for Registrations in this retreat to be routed through the zonal and sub-zonal centers.

Sustainable Yogic Agriculture training was held on 16 th evening. Bro.Narayanbhai, Sis.Manisha, Bro.Bholenath and Bro.Balasaheb conducted the training for the members. Topics such as Plant / Crop protection are covered during this training. Later some farmers shared their successful experiences.

Core-Members of the Rural Development met the Chairperson, Sis.BK Mohini Ji at Dadi's cottage. Upon listening to the brief of the meeting on her blessing note she said that the services of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing have now started all around the world. People from all corners of the world and India are taking advantage of our website. Awareness is rising through Yogic Agriculture campaign which is ongoing across all parts of the nation. This Campaign will be instrumental to reveal the message of the almighty. After listening to the brief Bro.Brijmohanji inspired the gathering to prepare a demonstration model of Yogic Agriculture project to inspire the visiting brothers and sisters representing all countries. Director of Agriculture (Maharastra state) Bro. Pandurang Watharkar assured of his total co-operation for the projects carried out by the wing.

At the end of the Annual meeting few aspects were discussed about managing balance of Yoga along with the services. While Yogic Agriculture has proved to be a powerful instrument which establishes balance between Karma and Yoga. All members of the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing should encourage the farmers for Yogic Agriculture Project which can serve lakhs of brothers and sisters coming to Madhuban. If our Agriculture community can make Yogic Agriculture produce available then it will become easy to transform minds and make obstacle free.

Everyone should take a firm thought so that we can fulfill the needs of Baba's house with the Yogic Agriculture produce making a healthy body along with healthy mind. We will reveal the Powers of almighty through this yogic Agriculture project.

Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi

National Conference on Call of Time: “United Nature to bring Harmony between Environment Nature and Human Nature”

A 2 days national level conference as above was held at the instance of Brahma Kumaris, Rajyoga Education and Research foundation from 29 to 30 January 2011.

There were many topics to be deliberated related to development respecting environment and nature, sustainable development, conservation of natural resource, new and innovative approach to technology implementation etc..

Under the theme of Empowering Rural India, Brahmakumaris, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing was also invited to participate and make presentation on Holistic Rural development approach as well as on the topic “Shaswat Yogic Agriculture Project”- a new and innovative alternative for Uniting Human Nature and Environment (Nature) for Agriculture. This is a new and innovative approach facilitating sustainable agriculture for improving quality and quantity of agriculture produce without application of hazardous chemicals in the name of Fertilizers as well as Insecticides and Pesticides. Yogic Farming systems enables organic farming and supplements the system with Micro energy in the form of Mind Power of farmers. This is a unique way of harmonizing with mother nature and also five elements to utilize the natural resources in a sustainable way. (For detailed information on Sustainable Yogic Farming visit

A detailed deliberation was made for one hour involving 4 speakers from Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Brahmakumaris. BK sister Sarla, the National Coordinator of Rural Devp Wing, Brahmakumaris made a presentation on Objective and Aims of Shashwat Yogic Farming System. BK Rajesh Dave, Executive Member, Agriculture and Rural Development Wing, Brahmakumaris made a detailed presentation on process and application including technical aspects of such farming system and he also deliberated that this system is proving more efficient in the call of time in the universe as it empowers farmers as well as farming system in a sustainable way. Application of Mind Power and Power of Thought are the Micro energy with application of energy from supreme energy is being experimented and results are encouraging. As a result, few State Agriculture Universities have shown interest in further research and entered in to MOU with Brahmakumaris. Practical aspects of this farming with experience sharing was done by BK Balasaheb, a Rajyogi Farmer in Maharashtra . BK sister Dr. Kiran deliberated on empowering Rural India and importance thereof. She also briefed the august gathering on Women empowerment, harmony amongst rural masses and various schemes of Rural development. There were other speakers from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well.

Since Transformation of mindset , Mooting the harmony amongst Farmers / Rural women, SHG members, Harvest the fruit of Positive Attitude by Adoption of innovative and new technologies etc concepts may the area of intervention by us in capacity building. It was also indicated that the combination of Tractor with Character of Farmer i.e. Science & Technology with Spiritual Empowerment of farmer is needed in the current scenario so that the harmony is maintained between human nature and the nature of the environment.

The deliberation was well received by all the audience of about 1200 officials, representatives from various fields, scientists and engineers.


BK Sonu bahen addressing a Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan held from 27th January to 29th January 2011 covering 8 villages benefiting 480 villagers and 28 Sankalp Patra were filled. While BK Mathur and BK Ranju activelty participated in the campaign.


Addressing the villagers during Shaswat Yogic Kheti Abhiyan are Dr.Vishvendu Dwivedi, Dr.Dharmendra, Dr.Deependrabhai and BK Nirmala are seen in the picture.

Dadi Hridaya Mohini Chief of Brahma Kumaris
“This methodology is very essential to produce pure & pious food, fruits & vegetables for good health. My good wishes are always with the farmers following yogic agriculture methodology by experimentation of Rajyoga Meditation, preperation of Organic Manures, adopting various ancient methods of conservation of crops - which will result in achieving 100% success.”

B.K. Sarla Chairperson Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“This is a farming process based on Rajyoga Meditation, which will have its valuable contribution in the creation of the new age. I express my best wishes to all the farming community for adopting this sustainable yogic methodology.”

B.K. Raju Vice-Chairman Agriculture and Rural Devp. Wing
“ This novel project will guide the farmer brothers & sisters all around the world & inspires them for a life style filled with total bliss & peace. It leads to imperishable prosperity by means of holistic & healthy crop production. I wish you all the success, which is your birthright.”